We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your trail ride time. Once you arrive, you will park to the left of the office building. Our office building is marked “Office”. Here, you can check in, each rider will sign a waiver form (parents will sign for minors), payment will be taken, and you will then be instructed where to get fitted for helmets (helmets are required for minor children, but optional for adults). While you wait, there are fun and friendly animals to visit. From peacocks to tiny goats, you will surely find a friend to get to know. Our wonderful guides will have your horses tacked up and ready to go. Once your ride is ready to go out, our guides will introduce you to the horse you will be riding, as well as assist each individual with mounting their horse. Once mounted, another guide will give you instructions for your trail ride. Never been riding before? Don’t worry! A lot of our riders are first-time riders. From hand-positioning to how to properly sit in your saddle for the most comfort and balance, we will go over everything you need to know to have a wonderful riding experience!


Q: Do you use Western or English saddles?

A: Western

Q: How long are the trail rides?

A: 1.5 hours (1 and 1/2 hour)

Q: Can I trail ride if I’ve never ridden a horse before?

A: Absolutely! For many people, this is their first time riding!

Q: Can we canter/lope/gallop with the horses?

A: No. Even for experienced riders, we do not offer cantering/loping/galloping.

Q: Do we have to brush and tack our horses before our trail ride?

A: Nope! We will have your horses groomed and tacked for you!

Q: Can children of any age ride?

A: Trail rides are available for children 7 years old and older.

Q: Is there a weight limit for riders?

A: Yes. We have horses that can safely accommodate up to 240 lbs, not over.

Q: What do I wear for my ride?

A: Long pants are best. Closed toed shoes; either boots or tennis shoes. Flip flops and open toe shoes are not permitted.

Q: Do you take trail rides out if there is rain?

A: We do not ride in significant rain. This will ruin our tack (saddles & bridles). Since we cannot control the weather, we will be glad to reschedule your ride if it has to be canceled due to rain.

Q: What type of views will we have during our ride?

A: During the fall and winter there are beautiful views of the Skyline Mountains. During the spring and summer months, our trees are in full foliage and there are areas where the mountains cannot be seen. Your trail ride will be through some of the 125 acre wooded property which makes for a nice and shaded ride. Initially, you will ride through a creek to start your trail ride. Along the ride, you will likely see some of our local wildlife. From beautiful woodpeckers and birds, quietly nesting deer, roaming wild turkeys, baby bunnies and once in a while, even a bear. Don’t worry, these bear are typically in the woods eating berries and when they see our horses coming, they mosey off in another direction.

Our acreage borders the Hawksbill Retreat and Jordan Hollow Inn. There are beautiful older homes bordering some of our trails that are privately owned by local residents. There is also a family owned graveyard on the property that was not found until a few years ago. There are many graves in this graveyard, with only one being marked with a date of 1848. Not much information is known about this graveyard, but we are working to keep it well maintained and respected.

Q: What is the terrain like?

A: While initially walking through a creek and a few hills throughout, all of our trails are wonderfully gentle and suitable for any ride and rider. Our trails are well-maintained by our amazing staff to keep our horses and guests safe.