Special Occasions

Couple Kissing on a Horseback Ride with Jordan Hollow StablesIf you have a very special occasion coming up or want to plan a surprise for the special someone, let Jordan Hollow Stables help you out.

Our Special Occasion Trail Rides can be set up for wedding proposals, birthdays, anniversaries or other  just special moments!

Surprise your loved one on horseback with a beautiful ride through our peaceful trails where you will find a cozy blanket near a rolling creek or a table prepared with flowers, an non Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage, and a romantic moment with our special guide attending  to your horses.

Over  the past few year we have been delighted with so many couples sharing special moments on horseback.

Just call or contact us and we will help you with your plans

Our Special Occasion Package is $195.00

It includes Flowers, an Non Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage, trailside set up, and a PRIVATE 1 1/2 hour guided trail ride on our beautiful trails.

Special Occasion Trail Ride